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The New Zealand Council for Educational Research is an independent educational research organisation with a bicultural focus. We have an international reputation for producing quality educational research and research-based resources. Read more about NZCER.

Read about NZCER's research programme:

Research projects at NZCER
Key research contacts at NZCER
NZCER researchers' biographies
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Browse or buy NZCER's publications:

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NZCER Press: books, journals, NZCER tests
Research publications: (reports, papers, articles...)

Get advice on educational and psychological tests:

Read about NZCER tests (PATs, STAR, Burt Word Reading Test...)
Read about NZCER-distributed educational tests (RTLB resources...)
Read about NZCER-distributed psychological tests (MBTI, CPI...)
Consult the Psychological Test Centre for clinical and organisational tests.

NZCER develops the ARBs - Assessment Resource Banks:

Online assessment resources in English, mathematics, and science.
Visit the ARBs [available to classroom teachers in New Zealand]
Read about NZCER's assessment services, and view samples of the ARBs

NZCER fosters educational research:

NZCER coordinates the TLRI (Teaching and Learning Research Initiative) fund and
its associated research programme.


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