Welcome to the the Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) in English, Mathematics, and Science.

The ARBs consist of curriculum-based assessment resources designed for students working at levels 2-5 for use in New Zealand schools.

Access and registration

To access the ARBs you need a username and password. If you don't have a password, you need to register to use the ARBs. You can view samples of resources before registering.

Latest resources

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View the latest ARCT research projects on:
Vocabulary and comprehension
Journalling in mathematics
Inter-relationships (ecology)

Introduction to the ARBs

The Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) are collections of assessment resources
located on the Internet. They are organised to match New Zealand curriculum
s tatements in mathematics, science, and English.

The ARBs have been designed and developed at the New Zealand Council for
Educational Research (NZCER) under contract to the New Zealand Ministry of
Education. Mathematics and science resources became available in relatively
small numbers in early 1997 respectively, with English added in September
1998. As at 30 September 2002 the ARBs included 3,400 resources.

The project began in February 1993, when NZCER was contracted by the
Ministry of Education to undertake a feasibility study. There have
been a succession of phases since that time which are as outlined below.

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