January 05, 2013

Royal Hunt Tour dates

22.02 - Copenhagen
24.02 - St.Petersburg
25.02 - Moscow
André Andersen

When most musicians take a vacation from the consistent strain of recording and touring, the last thing on their minds is work. That was not the case for Andre Andersen, the multi-instrumentalist main-man from Royal Hunt. For him the best way to relax is creating music and the result is the second studio album titled Black On Black.For those unfamiliar with the Danish band, Royal Hunt is one of Scandinavia's most successful exports having sold over a million records worldwide. Their progressive, majestic sound is very popular in Japan where Andre was voted Best Keyboard Player in BURRN! magazine's reader's poll for three years in a row. In Europe, Royal Hunt was voted as Best New Band by both fans and critics in various publications, and at home, Royal Hunt was nominated for a Grammy as Best Rock Band. Andre has been and is on the covers of many music magazines worldwide. (Burrn! - Japan, Flash - Italy, Keyboard - Japan, Rock Time - France, Strike - Brazil among others) Born in Moscow to a Danish father and a Russian mother, Andre started his musical training when he was five,
yet hated the formality of studying and conformity at such an early age. It was at the age of 12 that Andre discovered rock music with the Deep Purple classic "In Rock" album. His teen years were spent divided between studying classical music at the Moscow Music Conservatory and playing in rock bands with his schoolmates. His connection with the Conservatory gave him the opportunity to perform with orchestras during his late teens, yet Andre also knew his heart was in rock music.

Andre went on to medical school for three years, but decided to study journalism (to follow in his father's footsteps) when his family returned to his dad's homeland of Denmark. It was there that Andre formed the band Trace, built his own studio and worked as a sound engineer. Trace would later become Apart (with the typical revolving door of musicians of course) and finally Royal Hunt in the early 90's. The band went on to release seven studio albums with increasing sales and successful tours across the board.

Excessive touring and recording in '98 led members of Royal Hunt collectively decide that it was time to take a well-deserved break. As his band mates took it easy finally settling into their homes, Andre soon got the urge to work again. Andre started to work on some songs and soon realized he had a whole album ready to go. That's how the solo Andre Andersen project was born.

His musical influences are mainly the classics and the rock/hard rock scene that he studied and grew up with. Lyrics come easy to a guy who can read fifteen books in two weeks. In 1984 he moved to Denmark. After awhile he built his own working place - Mirand Studio (now expanded and removed to a recently established North Point). Having an opportunity to record all of his ideas without watching the clock, he started to create a whole set of compositions and songs where the elements of classical music, progressive and straight hard rock were mixed to create a unique signature sound. André reinforced and polished his "invention" by working with countless projects until the day when ROYAL HUNT was formed and the final pieces - the music and musicianship of every individual - would fall into place. All of this makes André a powerhouse force that drives the entire ensemble forward like a bulldozer.

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