January 05, 2013

Royal Hunt Tour dates

22.02 - Copenhagen
24.02 - St.Petersburg
25.02 - Moscow

21 October 2006

“Royal Hunt 2006” DVD/CD will be released from November 22nd 2006 by following companies: Marquee/Avalon (Japan and SE Asia), Frontiers (Europe) and Soyuz (Russia).

19 October 2006

The DVD from below mentioned show was edited at “Illusion Films” in St. Petersburg (yes, André spend a couple of weeks in this beautiful city, working along with stuff producer Michail Slavsky, who filmed the show in the first place). “We were lucky to have some cool guys to operate those cameras the show was filmed by” – André states – “ which helps you a lot to create an energetic atmosphere on the screen... No dead angels or unusable shaky segments – 99% of what they filmed were up to the standard. The show is quite long – two hours – so you need a lot of “travelling” across the stage to keep it interesting for the viewer... and not to forget a lot of “close ups” which, as I was told, fans love so much :-). As far as quality goes – the show was filmed in “high definition”, so we setteled for a “double layer DVD” format, which gives you an uncompromised/uncompressed picture/sound all the way... A tad more expensive but really worth it.” And now to the set-list: Paper Blood – Time – The Mission – Never Give Up – Can´t Let Go – Last Goodbye – Follow Me – Cold City Lights – Martial Arts – Surrender – Running Wild – Far Away – Lies – Wasted Time – Message To God – Epilogue. On top of that you´ll see a 20+ minutes of “behind the scenes” extravaganza with comments from every member of the band.

01 October 2006

André spend about a month in his studio mixing Royal Hunts new double live album: “Actually, the show mixed more or less itself... My job was – mainly – to clean up eventual noises and other unwanted artifacts from the tracks, give each instrument its own “space” and try not to overdo the “fader dance” (in order to preserve the original dynamics of the show). I must say that guys in the band made the mixing process extremely easy for me – performances are stellar from each and everyone (special thanks to Pontus Norgren – our FOH guy – for capturing our “wall of sound” so clearly on tape)”. Mastering duties were handled by Jan Eliasson at Audio Planet while cover art were supplied by Christina Laugesen. The album – titled “Royal Hunt 2006” is due to release in November 2006 (more info on DVD will follow).

12 February 2006

"3" will be released March 24 2006 by Frontiers Records worldwide (except Japan - Marquee/Avalon).

06 December 2005

Another pachinko game featuring Andre´s music will be released by CoMix Wave (Japan) in August 2006. This time the company picked a true classic – Martial Arts, an instrumental piece which sold over 100000 copies as a single and has been used in almost every live-set of Royal Hunt.

25 November 2005

“3” – that´s the name which will be on the cover of the upcoming album featuring André (keyboards, guitar, bass), David Readman (vocal) and Paul Laine (vocal), not to forget the troopers who´s pulled the weight along with them : Kenny Lubcke (backing vocals), Bjarke Hopen (solo guitar) and Kaj Laege (drums). Here´s the track list for you: Rise – Dust To Dust – The Way It Goes – Straight To The Heart – Tell Me Your Lies – Don´t Need A Thing – End Of My Rope – Scared To Live – Bulletproof – Learning To Fly. We´ll let you know about release dates – stay tuned!

04 November 2005

After playing a string of European dates RH picked the historic stage of Sct.Petersburgs Music Hall to film their new “live in concert” DVD on. A beautiful old theatre and some 1000+ enthusiastic fans created great atmosphere for this event, which lasted about 2 hours (the band played a wide selection of songs from all of their releases since 1991 and some tracks from the latest one – Paper Blood) and was captured by 6 cameras. Estimated release date is spring of 2006.

29 August 2005

Pre-production for the upcoming RH tour started today – the guys got together in the rehersal studio in Copenhagen, where they´ll spend almost a month working on – according to André - “the best live-set we´ve ever put together”.

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